Linda Walkowiak

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(214) 675-7409

Linda Walkowiak is a Licensed Professional Counselor and has been a psychotherapist counseling clients since 2000.

As well as accepting a wide variety of clients with diverse issues, Linda’s emphasis is on depressive disorders, relationship issues, self-esteem, bi-polar functionality, and ADHD.

She is an affiliate of the CHAANGE program, which specializes in anxiety and panic disorders, and has been trained in Crisis Intervention Stress Management. She is also a Certified Anger Resolution Therapist.

Linda’s philosophy of psychotherapy is easy to understand. She believes that each individual that enters her office has a different issue they believe to be unique to himself or herself, therefore, her therapy style is eclectic. Linda believes that the best course of therapy should be decided with the input of the client. With the two of you working toward your well-being much can be accomplished.

Linda is a member of the American Counseling Association, the Texas Counseling Association and Secretary of the North Dallas Chapter of the Employee Assistance Professionals Association.