Ray Wheeler

M.Ed., LPC
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(214) 392-4945

Raymond Wheeler, Licensed Professional Counselor, has serviced the mental health field since 1980. He has worked in a variety of settings, and has gained tremendous awareness in helping people discover the resources needed to live in wellness. Ray began counseling as an LPC in 1994, after completion of his Masters Degree in Counselor Education at the University of North Texas.

As a counselor, Ray draws on his twenty-five years of experience in helping others achieve success. Respect for the client’s personage is at the center of his clinical orientation, and the focus of treatment centers on validation of each client’s self-determining capacity. He views the counseling relationship as one of collaboration and cooperation. Within a safe, secure and validating relationship he believes each person is empowered to explore and discover the resources needed to live a fulfilling and rewarding life. This journey towards increased wellness often leads a person to explore and challenge the way they think and feel about self and the world they live in. Often a person discovers distortions and irrational beliefs in the way he or she may think and feel, which negatively impact a person’s capacity to choose healthy strategies in coping with life stressors.

Ray has been influenced by many clinical orientations most notably the work of Carl Rogers. He utilizes elements of Cognitive-Behavioral and Dialectal-Behavioral theories in working with people. Ray also utilizes elements of art, play therapy, and some of the experiential techniques of Gestalt therapy. Although Ray sees a wide variety of clients, he has developed a reputation for counseling people who are struggling with issues of trauma, abuse, grief and loss. Core issues of abandonment and invalidation are themes of many of the people that seek Ray’s help, and he effectively assists those people through the process of discovery and movement towards wellness.